Justin Bieber Reserves Staples Center for Date

Justin Bieber Reserves Staples Center for Date

Justin Bieber definatly wins best boyfriend of the week award. He gave girlriend Selena Gomez a surprise that every girl would die to receive. The Biebs managed to get the whole Staples Center in L.A. reserved just for the two of them and then screened the movie ‘Titanic.”

The idea came to the teen superstar when he watched the movie “Mr.Deeds” and Adam Sandler took Winona Ryder on a date at Madison Square Garden.

The night unfolded as the celebrity couple went to the Demi Lovato concert, then Bieber told Gomez, “Come with me.” He then proceeded to lead her down an underground walkway to the Staples Center where they enjoyed a romantic evening of watching one of the greatest disasters.

If that wasn’t awesome enough, Justin didn’t have to pay a dime for the Staples Center! Since he had already sold it out three times previously, they decided to do him the favor of lending him the large venue for the night.


  1. Antonio says

    I don’t see why people are conpnaimilg. It’s not like they will ever get a chance to be with him anyways, and sure he is younger than Selena but does that matter? If any of you Justin Bieber fans were really his fan you would be happy he is happy. Like seriously. Threatening to kill Selena is not gonna make things better but make you seem like a retard. All of you think you should be the one with him when really you will not have a chance. He loves Selena. So get over it.


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