Kim Kardashian So proud Of Brother Rob Kardashian

Posted on Nov 23 2011 - 12:44am by Carrie

Kim Kardashian So proud Of Brother Rob Kardashian

Kim Kardashian says brother Rob Kardashian has “grown up” since taking part in ‘Dancing with the Stars.’  The 31-year-old socialite is incredibly proud of her sibling – who scored a perfect score during last night’s final – as she thinks he has changed for the better.

She told Celebuzz: “Doing this show has really changed Rob. He’s really grown up so much and it’s been incredible to watch him each week.”

“We were all so blown away by Rob’s performances last night. Each week he works so hard and is always prepared, but [we] never knew he would get a perfect score!! We were all amazed and so happy! Rob is so excited to have made it this far and I am so proud of him.”

Rob – who is partnered by Cheryl Burke – recently said his family’s support stopped him being nervous on `Dancing With the Stars.’

The 24 year old said: “They all can’t believe what I’m doing – just to see the younger brother do something that they definitely couldn’t do and that it is just super out of my element, they just love that.”

“It makes my life super easy having my family at every one of my shows supporting me, and I kind of loosen up and not be so nervous and tense.”

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