Star Wars: The Old Republic Completely Destroys World of Warcraft

Star Wars: The Old Republic Completely Destroys World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft is the most popular Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG) having over 10 million people playing. But this is starting to change due to the fact that a rival has appeared and that, is Star Wars: The Old Republic.

Star Wars: The Old Republic, is becoming very popular at a incredibly fast rate. It’s broken a record for hitting a million subscriptions faster than any other MMORPG, this aided in the loss of 2 million subscribers for World of Warcraft. Many people have been complaining that the game is old and stale, I’m also one of those people as I used to play World of Warcraft but quit instantly when I heard they were working on Star Wars: The Old Republic. The biggest difference between Star Wars: The Old Republic and World of Warcraft is that Star Wars has fully voiced dialogue and each class you get to choose from has an amazing story to the point it makes you want to try them all.

But Star Wars: The Old Republic didn’t just break a record for the fastest to earn a million subscriptions won 105 awards and damn that’s a lot. The masterpiece that Bio Ware has made is going to soon make people in the future say, World of What? I can say this because I myself have bought SWTOR and I’m thoroughly enjoying it.

Sorry World of Warcraft, in life some things just got to go and this year it will be you. For those of you who haven’t picked up SWTOR I’m telling you everything about it is worth it, yes even the monthly fee is worth it.



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