New Couple Alert: Lucy Hale and Chris Zyla

Lucy Hale and Chris Zyla New Couple

Looks like there is a new young Hollywood romance budding between Secret Circle star Chris Zyla and Pretty Little Liars actress Lucy Hale. The pair had an ongoing tweet conversation that was not only flirtatious, but also revealing of their feelings. Check it out below:

CZ: Lucy
CZ: @lucyyhale :)
LH: @ChrisZylka :)
CZ: smiling at her from about 30,000 feet
CZ: First time watching; but Pretty Little Liars is pretty #amazing #PLL
LH: @ChrisZylka perfect.
CZ: @lucyyhale Absolutely
CZ: Best time I’ve had in a long time last night. Laughing is contagious
LH: You deserve to smile :)
CZ: As do you :)
CZ: You never know when [you’re] going to find something that makes you happy, life is truly a mystery in that way.
LH: Happyhappyhappyhappyhappyhappy
CZ: joyjoyjoyjoyjoyjoyjoyjoyjoyjoyjoy

One of Chris’ castmates, Brit Robertson, tweeted, “I see my costar @ChrisZylka is having a pretty little time with @lucyyhale …congrats on all the happyhappyjoyjoy!”

Chris, 26, is set to star in The Amazing Spider-Man which also features Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield.

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