Anime Review: Naruto Shippuden Episode 250 ‘A Battle in Paradise!’


Naruto ShippudenThe beginning of the episode starts off with Naruto and his heart warming goodbye to his mother, and he finally finds his resolve to become the strongest shinobi. I really like how Naruto leaves his conscious and he doesn’t speak about the encounter with his mother, with Bee or Yamato. It really shows how precious the moment was to him and that it was something only meant for him.

Naruto Shippuden2

So right away we see Naruto show off his new Kyuubi  form to Bee and Yamato and he apparently now has the powers to sense a person’s emotions, which he then discovers Kisame hiding within his sword Samehada which Bee took from him after he defeated him. Showing that when Bee and the Raikage supposedly defeated him he switched places with a fake, but I got to admit that Kisame looks incredibly ugly in this form. So Naruto tries to catch Kisame but ends up injuring his ankles because he can’t control the speed of his new Kyuubi mode.

Naruto Shippuden3

I love how Gai  is trying to see the darkness within himself and then all of a sudden Kisame pops out and right away he believes that Kisame is his darkness and kicks him right away, for insulting his power of youth. Then Kisame splits with Samehada and absorbs every one chakra, leaving only Gai left.

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So Gai opens the 6th gate out 8 and decided to take Kisame, so with Bee’s little chakra left he just slings Gai across the entire island. Then he summons a turtle so that he can just boost himself further letting it drop from the sky. It’s been a long time since we’ve seen that turtle though. He was only introduced in the early episodes before the time skip.

Anime Review: Naruto Shippuden Episode 250 ‘A Battle in Paradise!’

This leads to the final part of the episode Gai vs. Kisame, this was incredibly awesome. Kisame summons a tsunami that has over a thousand sharks within it and Gai just destroys it by punching every shark individually using his Morning Peacock, which is the ability that he can use with the 6th gate open.

Naruto Shippuden6

But that’s not enough, Gai opens the 7th gate and shit just goes down, the power of his chakra is so strong that it interrupts the flow of water surrounding him. He uses his ability, the Afternoon Tiger, which is a giant tiger like blast. Kisame uses a Giant Shark Bomb that devours the chakra in a ninjutsu but he doesn’t realize that Afternoon Tiger is pure taijutsu. So of course, it’s a head on collision, which is where the episode ends sadly.

Anime Review: Naruto Shippuden Episode 250 ‘A Battle in Paradise!’

Honestly this episode for me is badass, I really like Gai’s character and find him to be hilarious along with his student Rock Lee. I can’t wait to see the huge Ninja War coming up soon; many amazing scenes are going to be shown.


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