Joe Jonas Clothing-Obsessed

Joe Jonas Clothing-Obsessed

Joe Jonas was spotted leaving a gym in Miami, Fla. on Saturday afternoon after working out. He was spotted earlier this week at New York Fashion Week.

Joe, 22, opened up to NY Mag about his fashion habits. “I’ve got way too many clothes. Every time I show my closet, I feel embarrassed because there are so many clothes in there that I feel like, it’s hilarious. I have more clothes than a lot of my friends who are girls. But I just love clothes and I love fashion,” he admitted.

When asked about his biggest obsession, he replied, “Shoes probably. I love shoes so I’ve got quite a lot of pairs. I have a thousand pairs of sneakers. I think YSL has been making amazing sneakers, so I have a lot of YSL sneakers. They’re really comfortable.”


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