Mass Effect Story Explained in a Manga

Mass Effect Story Explained in a Manga

ASCII Media Works Dengeki Online’s website began the serialization of a manga by the title of Oshiete! Modin-sensei! (Teach me! Professor Modin!) Manga artist MichiruMichi is going to draw the series characters in a school setting, this manga is to explain the Mass Effect franchises story.

The manga will explain the scenario of the franchise; introduce the characters within the game and also the different races of aliens, this is all going to be done before the release of Mass Effect 3 in Japan which is on March 15th. So the manga essentially will help those in Japan who’ve not played the game to understand the story so far for the game, even though I can’t believe there are even people who could consider themselves gamers and not have played Mass Effect before.

The protagonist of the game is named Commander Shepard, the game takes place in a science fiction world in the year 2183 where humans explored the galaxy and discovered other alien life forms. The main plot of the game is how the galaxy is under attack by an ancient machine race known as the Reaper; they aim for destruction of all life.

There is also an anime feature film based on Mass Effect in the making which is being produced by Japanese studio T.O. Entertainment and North American distributor Funimation.

I personally can’t wait for the latest Mass Effect game, the stories of the first two have been nothing but amazing. I just can’t wait to see the conclusion to the story and what happens to all the characters since the war is much bigger this time compared to the first two.


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