Music Review: Redman Ft. Ready Roc ‘Sourdeezal’

Music Review: Redman Ft. Ready Roc ‘Sourdeezal’

Right off the bat I’ve got to mention that I really did hate the concept of how this song is all about doing drugs, that crap is not to my forte. Like right of in the beginning of the hook, it isn’t that good. Vocally it’s nice the guys a great singer, but when all it’s about is drugs – it just really turns me off completely.

The instrumental was just awesome; it had a very mellow yet aggressive sound, I really like it. Redman and Ready Roc’s voices really suited it as well, since their voices are quite deep, it really goes well with that aggressive feel.

I’ve always liked Redman, his lyrics were good and I really enjoyed his metaphors. But it was the first time I’ve heard of Ready Roc and I wasn’t all that impressed, he just said all the drugs he does and stuff. It wasn’t all that creative or entertaining for me.

This song is just a onetime listen or even better, I wouldn’t actually recommend anyone to listen to this song anyways. It’s best off to just listen to the instrumental, that’s all what made the song.

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