Star Wars: The Old Republic Gaming Gear

Star Wars: The Old Republic Gaming GearI’m a frequent Star Wars: The Old Republic player, I play almost every day – whenever I have free time and recently Amazon has unveiled something that could make our experience so much better for us, something so godly that at the instance of sight – I was already trying to look if I had the money to buy all of it.

The keyboard is made by Razer with an LCD track panel that has fully programmable keys, gold blacklit illumination on all the keys and several other features to make gameplay so much better. That’s not all there’s also the SWTOR gaming mouse ($139.99) and gaming mouse pad ($49.99) both made by Razer also. So far all of this together would cost you $439.97, now if you are one of those people who have more money than the average person like me, then you could also grab yourself the Razer SWTOR gaming headset which is $129.99. This is going to cost you a bit more than half a thousand dollars, to be precise it’ll cost you $569.96 to have the entire set of SWTOR Gaming Gear.

Sure many of you MMO players like my self are perfectly fine with what we use right now, but these are for us who can go the extra mile and want to really get into SWTOR or need a mouse, keyboard, etc. replaced. I’m good with what I have… but if I had the money I’d probably have it as soon as possible.

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