Will Smith returns to ‘I Am Legend’

Will Smith returns to ‘I Am Legend’

The ending to the first “I Am Legend” film was very awesome; this was one of my favorite films starring Will Smith. The ending was just perfect, yet Hollywood is trying to create a sequel, it’s been reported that Warner Bros., AkivaGoldsman and Overbrook Entertainment have signed up to make another “I Am Legend” movie and they want Will Smith to reprise his role as Robert Neville.

For those of you who don’t know this film well, this is a HUGE SPOILER if you have not seen the film. Robert Neville played the scientist in the 2007 film and ended up dieing at the end, now this death wasn’t pathetic in anyway, he went out with a bang… literally! So the thought of a sequel, seems kind of weird. Rumors have been going around that the movie will be a prequel, however it hasn’t been official yet if it’s going to be a sequel or prequel. Makes sense that they’re going to make another I Am Legend movie since it brought in $584 million in the worldwide box office.

Warner Bros. has brought ArashAmel to write the script for the new film. What is a little worrying is that he’s a newcomer to Hollywood, he’s only written two screenplays. A script of his called “Grace of Monaco” has been getting a lot of attention lately and will be getting turned into a film.

Now the life of this film lies in the hand of Amel the scriptwriter, if the movie sucks I guarantee you that a lot of people will put the blame on him.


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