A RoboCop Remake

RoboCop was a film that was released in and directed by Paul Verhoeven. The movie was set in a crime-ridden Detroit, Michigan in the future and centers on a police officer who was brutally murdered and subsequently re-created as a super-human cyborg known as “RoboCop”, with Peter Weller as the lead actor in the original.

Now, as if three RoboCops and animated series wasn’t enough, there’s going to be a remake of RoboCop. The remake will be done by Jose Padilha, the lead role of RoboCop will be played by Joel Kinnaman. It’s being produced by MGM and will also be dristributed by Sony Pictures.

I remember watching RoboCop when I was a young kid and I loved the film, well at the time I loved it because it was a Robot kicking ass, but it also had a great story with it.

To see that RoboCop is going to be remade worries me a whole lot, I’ve written this many times but every time Hollywood tries to remake something or try to bring back something old that was great, it usually turns out as sh*t.

I could be wrong though since there’s not much information on the film yet, I could be wrong and the movie might turn out to be pretty good.

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