Star Trek’s Universal Translator Becoming A Reality

Star Trek’s Universal Translator Becoming A Reality

This news made me instantly say holy sh*t, Star Trek’s Universal Translator, also referred to as a “UT” or translator circuit, is getting close to becoming real. An American multinational corporation will be developing the software that turns spoken English into 26 different languages and it will speak in the user’s own voice, seriously when this is made I’m instantly buying it! All my years of suffering trying to learn the French language can be solved with this glorious device.

In 2267, Captain James T Kirk and Commander Spock of the USS Enterprise used the Universal Translator to speak to aliens known as the Companion in the Gamma Canris Region that he encountered in space, but no, Microsoft is trying to make a real Universal Translator.

The researchers, including Frank Soong and Rick Rashid hope that one day this will give visitors to foreign countries an easier access to conversations with other people throughout the world, even though they can’t speak the language themselves.

This is one of the greatest pieces of news that I’ve heard in a long time since I’m a person who’s always wanted to travel to other countries like Japan and Italy, but feared it would be too difficult to do since I only speak English.

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