Star Wars: The Old Republic Update 1.2

Star Wars: The Old Republic Update 1.2

Star Wars: The Old Republic will be having a huge change in early April of this year; a video was released from BioWare describing how massive update 1.2 truly is for this popular MMORPG. The Legacy content being added with this patch will give players incredible benefits and some little changes that could make your experience with the game oh so ever greater.

A new warzone called Novare Coast will be added and also an operation called Explosive Conflict which will both be located on the planet Denova. That’s not all there will be a new flash point by the name of The Lost Island which I must say looks interesting from what I saw in the trailer.

The Legacy system looks like it’s going to be a wonderful thing, it will be able to add new abilities, races, unlocks and a whole lot more. Players will be getting their own family tree which can give those powers from others in their family of created characters. For example imagine being an Imperial Agent Sniper with the ability to Force Choke someone…. Doesn’t that sound f*cking awesome!?

Star Wars: The Old Republic Update 1.2

Graphics will be updated with this patch, improving the character textures which will be a big difference in quality an advanced UI customization. There’s going to be new armor that looks insanely awesome, weapons and so many other features in this update… I wish I could talk about them all but I’d probably be here all day.

If you haven’t picked up a copy of Star Wars: The Old Republic I’d advise you to do so if you have the requirements on your PC to play it and if you can afford it, it’s seriously a game worth playing.


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