The Garbage Pail Kids are back?

The Garbage Pail Kids are back?

Now there are two different opinions on the 1987’s “Garbage Pail Kids” Movie, whether it’s so bad that it’s good or bad to the point you question your existence. For me this movie was downright horrible it was difficult to even watch the whole film, what really made it weird was how disgusting the little people or “Garbage Pail Kids” looked, they actually made Gollum from “The Lord of the Rings” look attractive. Sadly the plot of the film and the acting didn’t help either, I seriously had no idea of what the f*ck I was watching. And, they aren’t finished yet; “The Garbage Pail Kids” have another chance to become something worthy to being called a film. Michael Eisner’s current company, The Tornante Company, will be financing and producing the development of a new film based on the card or sticker set and my god am I ever hoping it’s not as bad as the last.

Apparently the person who will be directing the film goes by the name PES; he will be directing the script written by Michael Vukadinovich. Vukadinovich and PES, who is a short film director, both developed the story as well. If you want to see a piece of work done by PES it will be down below.

I must say that PES is very talented with stop motion, that didn’t work with the “Garbage Pail Kids” the first time… hopefully PES can pull it off.

For those of you who are brave and courageous you can watch the trailer for the original “Garbage Pail Kids” film.

Now this might be a bit much but I was more entertained with watching “Mac and Me” than watching the “Garbage Pail Kids”…. And trust me “Mac and Me” was a very bad movie also.


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