Video Game Review: Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Generations

Video Game Review: Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Generations

I’m a huge fan of the anime and also loved the games in the series before it, so of course I bought Generations the day it came out. Right away I noticed how there was no RPG element like it did in the last one, in a way I liked it a whole lot better without it. Since I found that it got quite repetitive in the last game, since it took for ever to get to one place and to the other.

The gameplay is quite different; I love the fact that they put a limit to the use of the substitution jutsu, since in the last game whenever I played online that’s all people were doing. Tapping their right and left triggers like crazy and in the end you wouldn’t be able to hit them at all, which became so frustrating. But in this game they put a limit of four, which regenerates over some time. It makes much more difficult because you have to think of great moments when to use it and whether it’ll be wasted or not. So, one huge plus into this game is that online battles are actually fair and not a huge rage fest.

Now the other thing about the game is that they got rid of the RPG since it’s supposed to be a 2.5 in the series, since the third Ultimate Ninja Storm will focus mostly on the Ninja War. Anyways like I said I found that adding the never before seen anime clips into the game was just awesome, especially the fight between Gaara and Sasuke that just made me nerdgasm everywhere. The other amazing one is when you select either the tale of Sasuke or Naruto there’s an opening sequence and it shows at the end a battle between Naruto and Sasuke. That just blew me away, Sasuke using his Susanoo and Naruto throwing that barrage of wind shuriken Rasengans to a final collision between the Chidori and Rasengan. I really found it much smoother and more interesting; you learn the whole story of Naruto by just playing the game so people who’ve not seen the series can develop an understanding.

Also there are new awakenings for characters in the game that are so much to play with; personally the best additions were Kisame’s shark like humanoid form and Naruto’s Kyuubi form. While a lot of people were excited for Sasuke’s Susanoo I just felt it couldn’t compare to these other two. I’ve also got to admit that my favorite ultimate jutsu from any character in the game is a tie between Naruto’s one thousand Rasengan barrage or Kabuto’sedotensei, he summons Itachi, Deidara and Kakazu back from the dead and combines all there attacks into one blast at the opponent, that was just too awesome.

In the end I found that this game is much simpler than the last but much better, they’ve improved one of my most favorite features and that’s online play. Plus the new anime footage is just amazing; I think this game is something the fans of Naruto will really enjoy. It’s good to settle us over for the third game, because where the manga is right now is just crazy, the huge list of character they can introduce into will be so awesome!


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