Hirokazu Yasuhara ‘Creator of Sonic Joins Nintendo’

HirokazuYasuhara ‘Creator of Sonic Joins Nintendo’

There’s always been a little rivalry between Mario and Sonic, technically Nintendo and SEGA, fans of one or the other would usually have arguments on which is better. Now this rivalry was settled a long time ago in my opinion since there really hasn’t been a good Sonic game in awhile except for Generations – that was cool and all but not enough for me. It looks like Nintendo saw some talent behind the Sonic Hedgehog games after all this time.

Hirokazu Yasuhara, the Sonic co-creator has a new role at Nintendo, he will be working at Nintendo of America in Redmond, Washington in a “not yet” named role.

Yasuhara began his career with SEGA somewhere around 1988, working alongside co-creator of Sonic Yuji Naka as director, designer and game planner. He’s worked on many Sonic the Hedgehog classics. He also done some work with 2K Sports’ Visual Concepts Entertainment division and as well as a senior game designer at Naughty Dog. His most recent work is with Namco Bandai, helping to create Pac-Man Party for the Wii.

So far there’s nothing on what his official role in Nintendo will be, all I can say is that I’m quite excited to see what this new partnership will bring us.

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