Music Review: Diggy Simmons ‘What You Say To Me’ J Cole Diss

Music Review: Diggy Simmons ‘What You Say To Me’ J Cole Diss
Got to say the only thing that could even be considered good with this song was the instrumental, it was extremely good and I feel it was completely wasted on this “diss.” Diggy Simmons has the type of voice you couldn’t take serious whatsoever, it’s just so nasally and I end up just laughing at him since he sounds like a twelve year old.

His lyrics weren’t even impressive, they were just so bad and I quote he says, “I’m not even dissing you.” If it’s called a diss then it is a diss, it just ruins the whole purpose of this song and makes Diggy come off as an idiot. Other than that there wasn’t anything to say about this, it’s just really pathetic.

In the end this being recorded was a huge waste of money, Diggy just made a mistake dissing J Cole. Not that I think J Cole could beat him but I don’t think it was really necessary, because I’m not that big fan of either rapper to be honest.


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