Robot Chicken to Have a DC Comics Special

Robot Chicken to Have a DC Comics Special

The hilarious stop-motion sketch show ‘Robot Chicken’, created by Seth Green which aired on Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim is about to bring smiles on the faces of another empire of nerds. Attacking the comic book fans of DC Comics, they’ll be having a special just like they did for their Star Wars special and that also had three Emmy nominations.

Co-creator Matthew Senreich says, “Having been raised on DC Comics and the Super Friends vs, Legion of Doom, it’s exciting to tell a whole Robot Chicken story within this awesome universe. We’ve been working with (DC Entertainment chief creative officer) Geoff John for over 15 years, so playing together on this special only made it more fun to work in the world we all love so dearly.”

Personally I’m excited for this special because I’m quite a fan of DC Comics, but always have had more love for Marvel. Either way I think this will be a success, because the Star Wars specials were just genius. Robot Chicken really knows their stuff about the universe, making skits that fans of the series could completely understand. Now I believe that this DC Comics Special will deliver the same reaction to fans.

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