Sexual Offenders Lose Rights to Online Gaming

Sexual Offenders Lose Rights to Online Gaming

Today in New York thousands of sex offenders lost their accounts completely or have had their communication suspended from many games owned by Electronic Arts, Warner Bros., Disney Interactive Media Group, Blizzard Entertainment and Microsoft. The name of this little operation was Game Over, which I personally find a great and ironic name to use since their basically getting rid of a lot of these sexual offenders gaming privileges.

What came along with operation Game Over was that sexual offenders had to give up all their internet information, including screen names and e-mail addresses and any websites having similar usernames and get rid of them completely, trying to create a much safer environment for underage children on the internet.

But the question is, are the sexual offenders really at fault or the parents? The internet and much online gaming come with some sort of parental control, so they have the tools to restrict certain things from their children. But many parents ignore this factor and just let the children do what they like, for example playing Battle Field 3 with an eleven year old kid who just can’t help but find it funny to call you a “fuck head”. Honestly parents are just as wrong; they need to actually have some supervision over their child’s gaming.

But, in all, I do find this as a good safety precaution and I personally don’t want any sexual offenders in my gaming experience, so I’m all for it. It’s most likely that every other state may also follow along with operation Game Over, all I can really say is that it must suck being a sexual offender.

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