Teaser Released for Naruto the Movie: Road to Ninja

Teaser Released for Naruto the Movie: Road to Ninja

This teaser makes me think that it will actually be a film of the Ninja War arc which the manga of Naruto is recently in. Simply because, in the beginning it shows Tobi announcing the beginning of his Eye of the Moon plan and it shows Tobi and Naruto fighting.  Other than that you get a shot of Kakashi, Minato and Naruto’s mother. So it really didn’t reveal that much, but I’m sure as hell excited for it.

If my assumption is right and it is a film of the Ninja War then I can honestly say that this movie is going to be a major success. As a huge fan of the series I’m up to date with both the anime and manga, I would honestly love to see Choji using his calorie control ability when he punches Asuma and defeats a number of enemies. Then there’s where the story is currently now, Itachi and Sasuke against Kabuto, Kabuto is hands down one of my favorite villains in the series and his new dragon sage mode would be awesome in motion.

Although it’s fine with me if it’s a whole different type of story, because Kishimoto is completely involved. He’s doing all the character design and even the story itself, so I can tell that this movie has high expectations from all fans I bet. I can’t wait to see the official trailer and to know what the plot is going to be.

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