‘The Hulk’ Won’t Have a Sequel

'The Hulk' Won’t Have a Sequel

Many fans of the green giant have been wondering if there’s ever going to be a sequel for The Hulk; this question has finally been answered by producers and studio the boss of the Avengers, Kevin Feige.

Feige was asked if the studio was considering giving Hulk another chance for a standalone film and he responded “Well, no, The Avengers was the other shot. Right? I mean, this was the third appearance of Hulk and everything that we had and were going for, we put in to Hulk’s appearance in Avengers. So, I love that people are saying positive things about the Hulk in Avenger and are feeling that way about Hulk, but mission accomplished at this point. And the way we go forward, we’ll see. But it was a long road to get to this point. Although, I will say, after the premier screening, I heard various arguments over who was their favorite. Which is my favorite thing: Arguing what was the favorite moment or character. And the fact that so many of them are saying Hulk feels very, very good. Where we go next, we’ll see. But we’ll be very careful about it and deliberate as we were in how we wanted to bring him back in Avengers.”

It’s difficult for me to choose whether I’d like to see a sequel or not. The first Hulk film was alright and I hated the second, I would only agree to a sequel or reboot if they got a director who could really make a balance for the amount of drama and action in the film. Sadly there is so much potential with The Incredible Hulk, but no one has truly seen it.

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