Transformers Ride Being Made in 3D

Transformers Ride Being Made in 3D

Universal Studios Hollywood will be having a new addition to their theme park this year, a new ride based on the Transformers films which is also in 3D. I caught a glimpse of what it looked like and it pretty much looks like a Transformers version of the Spider-Man in 3D ride in Universal Studios Florida, except I’m pretty sure this’ll be more bad ass.

I would personally go on this ride since I love these types of rides that have fast motions. They’re also much easier on people who aren’t that big a fan of roller coasters, but still like a thrill, so I think it could be quite amazing.

It depends on how the plot of the ride is going to be, like the Spider-Man one, it simply shows Spider-Man beating up a bunch of his foes. This ride is being done in a live-action style so I’m kind of hoping it isn’t like the Michael Bay movies, I wasn’t that big a fan of them and explosions are cool and all, but not every three seconds.

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