Universal’s ‘The Mummy’ Returns Again

Universal's 'The Mummy' Returns Again

Universal has decided to make a reboot film of ‘The Mummy’ along with Jon Spaihts, which is a relief since he’s made Variety’s “10 Screenwriters to Watch in 2012” and along that he wrote the screenplay for other films such as ‘Prometheus’ and ‘The Darkest Hour’.

Now like me and many others might remember ‘The Mummy’ is the one movie where Brendan Fraser is kicking mummy ass, to which I must say was incredibly awesome! Except the last film ‘The Mummy: Tom of the Dragon Emperor’ I didn’t feel like it had the same amazing feel as the two before it and it was a slight disappointment for me.

But what’s interesting is thattarring Brendan Fraser was also a reboot movie of a classic film of the same title in 1932 starring Boris Karloff who played the role of many classic monsters from Universal films. Spaihts has stated that he’d like to go back and bring a more horror like atmosphere, than an action film with this reboot.

So does this mean that there’ll be no return of Brendan Fraser? If I would be highly disappointed, I’ve always loved his characters in the movie, he was incredibly hilarious. But when thinking about a much darker atmosphere, it really makes me curious on how they’ll go about doing that. So I’m half excited and disappointed, but who knows what’ll happen in the future, we might be in for a surprise.


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