Will Aliens: Colonial Marine Be a Hit or Miss?

Will Aliens: Colonial Marine Be a Hit or Miss?

The more videos I see on this game really makes me wonder if it’ll be successful or just another flop? The last game with Aliens in it was “Aliens vs. Predator”, I found the game lacking but the multiplayer to be somewhat enjoyable, but it also got really repetitive.

“Alien: Colonial Marine” to me looks like “Left 4 Dead” with Aliens in it, which I believe could be incredibly fun. I love the idea of how you track the alien in the game with the radar and that you can only can’t have it out with a weapon, which is what makes a team of four essential, one to look out for the aliens and the others to gun them down.

I can tell you that I can surely say that Aliens are much scarier than zombies, for instance their speed and way of crawling out of many spaces can be highly deadly. The only special Aliens type feature yet is the Crusher, like a bull it charges right into you knocking away all in its path. There’s also multiplayer, simply being a team of four marines against other players who spawn as Aliens. The thing is that the player’s marine characters a customizable while the Aliens have three different types to choose from.

This game could actually be incredibly successful if it’s done well, but I’d also like to see an adaption of Predator in the same style. I find that would be just as awesome, so my expectations are quite high for this game and I’m hoping that it can really deliver for us fans out there.

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