Avengers to Defeat Avatar?

Avengers to Defeat Avatar?

Marvel’s masterpiece “The Avengers” hit the one billion dollar mark last weekend making it tied with “Avatar” and “Harry Potter” and “The Deathly Hallows Part 2″, for reaching that extreme amount of money, in so little time. Recently, Joss Whedon ranked the film as no. 9 in the All Time Worldwide Box Office, which isn’t much of a surprise for me at all since the movie was f*cking amazing.

The thing is, do “The Avengers” really stand a chance against James Cameron’s “Avatar”? Both films were able to reach $1 billion in 19 days easily, and each currently holds a lot of box office records. Although, “The Avenger” easily destroyed “Avatar’s” second weekend of ticket sales with making $103.2 million while “Avatar” only made $75.6 million. As you can see “The Avengers” has huge chance of surpassing the blue cat like aliens, who in total made $2.7 billion.

I find that “The Avengers” will no doubt make more than “Avatar” for one main reason. “The Avengers” was a mind blowing awesome movie and “Avatar” was meh alright, could have been better though in my opinion. I’ll give credit to the visuals in “Avatar”, they were phenomenal, but the cheesy dialogue and corny script ruined it for me, it almost made me feel like I was watching “The Last of The Mohicans”.

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