CTL Interview: Author Pete Trabucco on the Rose Hollywood Report

Posted on May 21 2012 - 12:10pm by Annemarie LeBlanc

Author Pete Trabucco on the Rose Hollywood Report

“Mr. Hollywood” Shannon Rose talks with Pete Trabucco, Author of “America’s Top Roller Coasters and Amusement Parks” on the Rose Hollywood Report about his book and his experiences with these death defying thrill rides.

Trabucco is a pilot who tried his first roller coaster at the famous Coney Island; however his experience with the coaster was not a pleasant one. That created a fear of these rides for Trabucco who didn’t ride another one for 40 years. After his daughter was born, he wanted to share the experience of these coasters with her. He over came his fear and wrote a book about it called “America’s Top Roller Coasters and Amusement Parks”.

In this exclusive interview with “Mr. Hollywood” Shannon Rose; Trabucco explains to the world why he wrote this book, and how he managed to overcome his fear. The book is a list of his top roller coasters and amusement parks which Trabucco explains why they made the cut. His story will inspire those who are afraid to take another look at roller coasters and provide tips for families looking to experience the best amusement parks this summer.

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