Music Review: Krizz Kaliko Ft. Tech N9ne ‘Hello Walls’

Music Review: Krizz Kaliko Ft. Tech N9ne ‘Hello Walls’

This song is just beautiful and that really surprised me because when I think of Krizz Kaliko and Tech N9ne I wouldn’t expect such a soothing and calming sound, it’s just an all-around real song. Especially the lyrics you really get the feeling of the song is aimed on loneliness and depression, it’s a song I would listen to very frequently. The instrumental is also really nice; I just couldn’t stop listening to it. I also in some way loved the dubstep sound that came into when Kaliko started to rap a bit and I usually hate that wubwub crap.

Krizz has such a nice voice it just reaches down into your soul, it just makes you start thinking about your life and you just start relating to it. Tech N9ne just adds another level of greatness with his deep rhymes, explaining how at time he just feels like everyone is upset at him and he gets sad about it.

This song is just the perfect thing to listen to on a day such today; a rainy day where lying in bed was the perfect activity. I can assure that this song is going straight onto my iPod and I’m just going to replay the hell out of it. It’s something that I believe everyone can relate too, we have those days where we just feel alone and upset. This song seems like it’s just made for when I’m in this feeling, it’s just the time of rap that gives me hope for Hip Hop’s future.

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