Ron Paul Has His Own Pokémon Remix

Ron Paul Has His Own Pokémon Remix

Now when I say Pokemon remix, I mean the Pokemon theme song all of us 90’s kids love and know, the song that started some of our weekend cartoons. The song is by Jason Paige, he was the original writer and singer of the song. But recently he’s made a video of his own where he has completely redone the song in a way that supports U.S. candidate Ron Paul.

I listened to the whole song and the remix has very little rewritten words, simply just adding the word ‘he’ to certain parts and changing the words POKEMON! To RON PAUL! Now I’m going to be completely honest, this is actually one the most badass presidential supporting videos I’ve ever heard. It was a pretty smart move as well since it will surely attract the view of many younger people, since we’re so familiar with this wonderful original song. Plus it’s awesome to hear Jason Paige singing it, really gives you a nostalgic feel.

But Ron Paul isn’t the only presidential candidate to have Pokemon as a support to their campaign, Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain just last December quoted the opening theme song from the first Pokemon movie. He called it a Pokemon poem; I must say that it was incredibly awesome. There’s a wide selection of young people who are in fact openly or secretly fans of Pokemon, so I find it not only awesome but a smart way to gain supporters or people to be aware of you.

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