Will Universal Be Making The Same Mistake As Disney?

Will Universal Be Making The Same Mistake As Disney?
People would think that the results for Disney’s Battleship live action film adaptation making just 25.5 million opening last weekend would prove to Hollywood and Universal that making any more films based on toys is a no go. But Universal has decided to ignore that fact and is currently in the talks to get the rights to “The Hero Factory”, Lego‘s robotic toys.

So far there has been no director named, but Michael Finch and Alex Litvak the writers of the film Predators are in talks to write the script for this film. Ben Forkner, Dean Shneider and Mike Gordon will be producing.

Though the only hopeful thing about this film is that it’s not like Battleship at all. “The Hero Factory” actually has a plot and developed characters, so in a way I have a feeling we might be seeing another Transformers like franchise appearing without Michael Bay’s explosions. “The Hero Factory” film has nothing to do with the other Lego-based film in the works which is a CG project set up at Warner Bros. Phil Lord an Christopher Miller are expected to be directing this.

“The Hero Factory” made its debut sometime around 2010 replacing Bionicle. Today Hero Factory has about 55 toy sets all together, a comic book series, and TV miniseries, app and a theme park attraction. The characters are located in a different galaxy; they come from a factory that creates robotic heroes to fight against evil inhabiting the galaxy. The robots go by the names Stormer, Bulk, Stringer, Furno and Breez.

It seems that Universal has been interested in making film adaptions of toys. They signed a deal a while ago with Hasbro to make films based on games like Clue, Monopoly, Candyland and more. The only completed film was Battleship and this should have gave them the thought “Oh sh*t board games being adapted into films is a terrible idea” but nope they’ve decided to take a shot at it again.

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