‘Alpha’ The Name Of Spider-Man’s New Sidekick

'Alpha' The Name Of Spider-Man's New Sidekick

Marvel has been teasing us for a while now that they were going to reveal “Alpha” and I think we’ll be meeting him pretty soon in The Amazing Spider-Man issue #692. Alpha is more of a gift from Dan Slott and Humberto Ramos to Spider-Man since it will be Webheads 50th anniversary, I must say getting a side kick as a gift is pretty damn awesome. Just the announcement of this makes me excited and glad that I actually started reading Spider-Man comics after I heard that The Amazing Spider-Man film was in the works.

During an interview with Fox News, Marvel talked about who the new sidekick was and what he was like. They said that he’s a teenager named Andy Macquire and right off the bat the name gave me a feeling that it was taking Andrew Garfield’s name and combining it with Toby Maguire’s which both have played Spider-Man in the film adaptions. Andy visits Horizon Labs on a field trip where Peter Parker works at. Peter’s experiment goes all wrong and Andy is hit during the chaos and is given brand new abilities, he goes through something somewhat similar to what Peter went through. Since Peter feels responsible for what happened to Andy he takes him under his wing and helps Andy to understand and learn about these new given powers.

This new issue will be bigger than usual since the first part will be about Andy’s story and how he becomes Alpha. In all of Spider-Man’s life he’s never had a sidekick though he’s teamed up with several Marvel super heroes. To see that he’s finally being given a sidekick makes me feel like he deserves it, do you think giving him a sidekick is a great idea? Spider-Man has gone through tons of tragic events in his life is Alpha the next tragedy in his life? Will he die or become an enemy? Let me know in the comments it’ll be interesting to see you opinion.

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