Doubling the Screen Size of the 3DS

Doubling the Screen Size of the 3DS

I am a man who likes his handheld screens to be bigger and doubling the screen size of the 3DS is an obvious attempt to have the 3DS go up against the new smartphones and tablets that are becoming more and more popular today.

Nintendo hasn’t been doing so hot when it comes to sales, their net loss has been around $530 million during the end of March 31st, this is quite the loss compared to the profit it made a year earlier. I think this is due to poor sales of mostly the Wii and 3DS also.

It’s said that the Nintendo 3DSLL or 3DS XL will be going on sale in three continents, Japan and Europe will be getting the sale on Jul y 28th, while us in North Americans on August 19th. Sad to say that to you people in Australia who are interested in this there is no talks of it being available in Australia yet.

In Japan it will cost $236, while us in North America will be getting the bigger screen sized 3DS for a cheaper price of $199.

The President of Nintendo Satoru Iwata said “There were demands for a bigger screen, and so we are ready to respond with a size-variation model,”

Damn am I ever glad he listened to those demands, I myself have not bought a 3DS because at the time it came out I didn’t have the money to afford it. But now seeing that a bigger screen for the 3DS will be coming soon I’m rethinking of purchasing it again since I’m a sucker for handhelds with bigger screens.


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