Jennifer Lawrence Opens Up about Bond with Cast

Jennifer Lawrence Opens Up about Bond with Cast

The Hunger Games trilogy is producing a buzz again due to the August 18 release date for the DVD of the first movie, and Josh Hutchinson’s hair returning to Peeta-blond. Catching Fire will begin filming this fall, with a release date of November 23, 20213.

In one of the extras on the DVD, Jennifer Lawrence opened up about her relationships with her castmates. “[It was a] huge bonding experience, because you spend so much time with these people,” she said of filming the first movie back in 2011 in North Carolina. “In the time it takes to film a movie, you’re spending the same amount of time with them as probably a friend of like a few years. Because you see them scattered out throughout the years, but this is somebody you see 16 hours a day with for five months.”

Alexander Ludwig, who plays Cato, also shared that shooting the movie was “one of the best summers.” So will you be rushing to the stores August 18 to pick up your DVD?

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