Report: Ashley, Mary-Kate & Elizabeth Olsen Are Feuding!

Report:  The Olsen Sisters Are Feuding!

Rumor has it the Olsen sisters, Mary-Kate, Ashley and Elizabeth are feuding over fashion.  It seems Mary-Kate and Ashley are not thrilled that big sister Elizabeth is no longer wearing clothes from their fashion line.  After all their fashion line is so fabulous, right??

A family pal revealed: “When Elizabeth first started out she always wore Mary-Kate and Ashley’s fashion lines.  But now that Elizabeth is famous, she’s wearing other lines.”

This is not making the twins happy and the twins want to give  Elizabeth a smack-down.  Their rep denies the fighting but a source reports there Mom had to have a talking to the trio and get everything under control.


  1. Janine says

    Elizabeth is not older. She’s taller that MK and A but she’s actually 3 years younger than her twin siblings.


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