Makeup Tip: Make Your Cheeks Glow

Posted on Sep 19 2012 - 9:28pm by Carrie

Beauty Tip: Make Your Cheeks Glow

Dramatic eyes and red lips may steal the spotlight, but a simple swipe of blush is what really can get you glowing for a great Fall 2012 look.  The look is easy to achieve just follow the simple directions below:

1) Prep – To help blush look even, not blotchy, smooth on a tinted moisturizer or foundation first.

2) Apply – swirl color on the apples of cheeks. (Smile in the mirror and you’ll see them!) A big fluffy brush will help powder blush go on right.  If you’re using a cream or a gel, use your middle finger to dab on the color.  Softly blend the edges slightly up and out toward the temples. moving in circles.

3) Highlight – To make cheekbones pop, add a tip dab of shimmer along the tops.  Blend with fingertips.

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