Secret Makeup Tip: Bombshell Lips

Posted on Sep 15 2012 - 10:56pm by Esmie

Secret Makeup Tip: Bombshell Lips

Josie Loren who plays Kaylie Cruz on the television drama series Make It or Break It demonstrates the perfect bombshell lips with her ruby red lipstick.  Josie is not afraid to make a statement with bold colors.

Red lipstick is here to stay for another season and you too can have Josie’s look:

1) Glide on a thin coat of your favorite balm or primer.  Make sure to moisturize because it will lock your color in.  Then apply your red lipstick.  A good lipstick is one that comes with a gloss too.

2) I know red lipstick smudges – after putting on your red lipstick , take foundation or cover-up and line the skin around your lips.  Make sure to blend it in so it looks even.

3) Don’t overdue the rest of your makeup so your red lips standout!

The paler your skin the bigger the pop you will get!

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