The Sims 3: Seasons – Most Anticipated Expansion Pack In Sims’ History?

The Sims 3: Seasons – Most Anticipated Expansion Pack In Sims’ History?

In February of 2000, the world of PC gaming changed forever with the release of The Sims 1 base game. It became one of the most defining moments in the history of the gaming industry, as the game drew fans from all walks of life and gave non-hardcore gamers the opportunity to exist within a simulated world. Will Wright/Maxis (Sim City) branched out on the Sim franchise and took gamers into the lives of their own simulated people. The game’s off-beat humour and situational existence exploded onto the 2000 dial-up internet blogosphere. Every living person on the planet, who owned a PC, wanted to play this game. Sims became the biggest selling PC game of all time.

The first Sims installment released seven expansion packs and added interesting, peculiar and realistic elements to the simulated existence of the Sims. It didn’t end there. The super successful sequel to Sims 1 was released in September of 2004 and enhanced, changed and re-produced the entire look and feel of the game. The core game play remained the same, but the Sims became more realistic with the new “Aspirations” system and the 3D inter-changeable faces, bodies and personalities. Eight expansion packs were released alongside the Sims 2 base game and many fans of the game have claimed that these expansion packs were the best releases in the history of the series, most notably Sims 2 Seasons, where for the first time ever, the changing seasons affected the game play and the realism of the world. Sims 2 bowed out with a final expansion release called Sims 2 Apartment Life, which was a nostalgic lead-in to the Sims 3 base release.

The ever-increasing leaps in PC technology gave Will Wright a platform to expand on The Sims unlike ever before. During June of 2009, the third installment of The Sims was released worldwide to expecting fans. It changed the entire game, as “traits” and an open-town-world were introduced to die-hard fans. One of the biggest draw backs to Sims 2 was the long loading screens when your Sim family went to a community lot, so The Sims 3 changed this and brought immediate movement to the world, without any loading screens. This not only changed the general pace of the game, but it also made The Sims 3 a living world unlike ever before. Also, for the first time, you could control your Sims at their jobs and change their behavior at their work place to suit their needs. This was a massive game changing experience. Seven expansion packs have since been released for The Sims 3, with strong polarizing opinions on each one. Sims 3 Generations did not add any fresh feel to the game and fans moaned about the “secret” discoveries you “could” potentially make during game play. Sims 3 World Adventures put off several hard-core Simmers with its RPG based quest structure, but the most game changing expansion pack of The Sims 3 series was Ambitions. This was an expansion on the work structure within the game and for the first time in history, fans of the game were able to take their Sims to work and experience specific “professions”, such as the Paranormal Investigator and Firefighter professions.

The 13th of November will see the most anticipated Sims 3 release since 2009 – Sims 3 Seasons! During the first outing, Seasons changed the game in such a way that everything post-Sims 2 Seasons paled in comparison. The Sims makers went back to the drawing board and made one of the most anticipated expansion packs ever! According to the Sims 3 Seasons Wikipedia page, “Sims can get their faces painted and compete in a hot dog eating contest in the summer, carve a pumpkin and bob for apples during fall and have snowball fight or go snowboarding and ice skating in the winter. Sims can also swim in the ocean and play soccer all year round.” OMG!

We have every Sims base/expansion pack ever released, including the buggy and lackluster Sims 3 Supernatural and we keep on asking ourselves, will Sims 3 Seasons be changing the way we approach our favourite game? Could this be a defining moment in the Sims franchise? Could we be in for a massive gaming surprise? Will it be better/worse than the previous Seasons installment? We cannot wait for November to lay our bleeding fingers on the most anticipated release in modern gaming history. Let us know in the comments below if you’ll be playing come November!

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