Kate Middleton New Haircut Photos, Love It Or Hate It? Read Our Hair Tips To Avoid A Fashion Faux Pas!

Kate Middleton New Haircut Photos, Love It Or Hate It? Read Our Hair Tips To Avoid A Fashion Faux Pas!

Hell has frozen over–someone has cut the Duchess of Cambridge‘s (AKA Kate Middleton) beautiful chestnut mane, and we basically hate everything about her new do! Fortunately it’s hair, and hair grows back! The future Queen stepped out for the opening of the National History Museum’s Treasures Gallery in London with an old dress and new sweepy bangs. Kate has been a style icon for years–she has such a great blend of demure, kicky, designer, recycled, and classic pieces that mean her style will live forever. So we were shocked pink to see that she’d ditched the shiny curls to try sweepy bangs. What do you think of it? It looks a few shades lighter brown than before to, but that could be lighting.

I don’t know if it’s the way it’s styled, but I think her hair layers look straight from the 1970s, and not in a good way! She looks simultaneously older and younger (also not in a good way), and all the curves make her face and cheeks look very round. Of course, once hair is cut there’s not much to do but wait for it to grow out again–unless you’re the future Queen of England, in which case you can probably hire a girl to shave her head to make you extensions.

So how can you avoid a fashion faux pas of an awful hair cut? Don’t kid yourself–you’ll deal with a few before you find a friend or stylist who knows how to complement your face shape and styling needs (two hours with a curling iron and blow dryer every morning? No thank you!). Frederic Fekkai is a world renouned stylist and shares hair tips on his website. Check it out for detailed info, but below is a bit of my favorite advice.

“It’s all in the shape of your face and in the cut you choose. As a rule, long hair that’s all one length is chic and sophisticated. A bob is always elegant. It makes a statement; always looks pulled together, and can be so flattering.Really severe bangs are hard to pull off, and they cut the line of your face too harshly. But for most people, slightly wispy, angled bangs can be very sexy, and work to flatter the face.”

Do you love Kate’s new hair style? Is it better than her old style, or are you more into the classic Kate? Did she need to change things up? Let us know in the comments! I don’t love it in this picture, but maybe a different style on a different day will change my mind!


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