Teen Mom’s Catelynn Lowell And Tyler Baltierra On Therapy, Break Up, And Wedding Plans

Teen Mom Catelynn Lowell Gets Slammed After Retweeting Racist Slur

Being a teen parent is hard–even if you choose to give your baby up for adoption. Over the past few years, viewers of MTV‘s Teen Mom have watched Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra struggle with self esteem, college stress, alcohol abuse, cocaine addictions, short tempers, abusive parents–well, they’ve delt with a lot of stuff for people so young! Tyler moved to New Orleans this fall, where he has an agent and is pursuing an acting career. After some pretty nasty Twitter fights, we’ve been wondering what their relationship status–and a new interview gives us all the details.

Catelynn explained the argument to inTouch Weekly, print edition December 31, 2012. “Tyler wanted to stay in New Orleans longer because he had some job possibilities lined up, but I was pushing him to come home for Thanksgiving. I guess I pushed him a little too hard.” Tyler and Catelynn used Twitter to vent their frustration, arguing back and forth about truth and self worth. But, as Tyler explained, “We get in arguments and we say things that we regret. We apologize and we move on.” Of course, Catelynn can’t be too thrilled with his move–Tyler once had dreams of being a child psychologist, but now wants to be the next Jim Carey.

The stress peaked when Tyler wanted to skip the holidays to work. Catelynn explained “Christmas is huge here. We go crazy.” And couples therapy has helped her communicate the importance of being together for these times. Tyler finally relented, explaining,  “I bought a house for a reason, and I need to be home. There’s no reason I can’t do business from my house and go to New Orleans for important meetings.” Uhm, I’m sorry–since when can you be an actor and commute? I mean, it’s a bit strange! He makes it sound like he’s, well, I don’t know. But not an actor! We’re glad they’re together and happy. Are you surprised that they’ve stayed together so long? Can Tyler balance an acting career and a wife?

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