Justin Bieber Working Overtime To Prove His Love To Selena Gomez

Justin Bieber Working Overtime To Prove His Love To Selena Gomez

Hey, the guy did wrong and is trying to fix it–I can respect that! Despite Justin Bieber‘s X rated run in with a Victoria’s Secret model last month, he and longtime girlfriend Selena Gomez are back on. The initial break up was pretty ugly and amusing–Justin was weepy all over Twitter, covering sad break up songs, while Selena was rocking the girl power by celebrating her clothing line with fans and accepting the prestigious Glamour Woman of the Year award. Selena may have given Justin a second chance, but that doesn’t mean she’s forgotten everything he did. Forgive, but never forget! We love Selena for holding her own in this!

A source confirmed that the two were together during Justin’s performance at Jingle Ball. A source described the two: “Justin is crazy about Selena. It’s just so obvious with the way he looks at her. Justin had a lot of people wanting to take pictures with him and talk to him at the Jingle Ball ‘meet and greet’ after the show and he just made sure to include Selena in everything — he kept looking at her, smiling at her, they were side by side most of the time. It’s like he really made an effort to make her feel like his princess.”

Justin should use this second chance to learn how to be in a mature, adult relationship. The 19-year-old borderline rap-star wannabe may act too cool and thug, but really he’s just a young rich kid with a decent voice. He’s just started working with charities, which we love, but he has a long way to go until he’s worthy of the Jane-of-all-trades that is Selena! Do you think he deserves as second chance? Should Selena act like everything’s okay, or is it good for Justin to have to work a little harder than before?

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