Rebel Wilson To Host The MTV Movie Awards – Expect To Scream Laugh!

Rebel Wilson To Host The MTV Movie Awards - Expect To Scream Laugh!

Rebel Wilson, the second funniest woman on the planet – first is Kristen Wiig – broke into the industry as the scary, tattooed roommate of Wiig’s character in the critically lauded Bridesmaids. The world sat upright and asked, “Who is this blonde girl with the funny accent and the septic tattoo?” Soon after, Wilson became a household name. She starred as a vapid assistant in the 2012 dramedy, What To Expect When You’re Expecting, and she recently made a turn in the singing spin-off Pitch Perfect alongside Ana Kendrick and Brittany Snow.

Now, according to latest reports, the hysterical Wilson will host the 2013 MTV Movie Awards – a fitting show for her droll humor and talent. The network officially stated, “[Wilson] will redefine the MTV Movie Awards with her top secret plans.” It sounds like an absolute must-watch! The show will air live from the Sony Pictures Studios Lot in Culver City, California on the 14th of April, 2013, and will feature the film stars and movies made popular by you, the audience. Expect the usual off-beat humor from a smattering of stars, including the Twilight cast and The Hunger Games cast.

Fortunately, although the MTV Movie Awards are not as critically recognized as the Academy Awards, it is still a massive opportunity for film studios and marketing people to tout their films for a blockbuster audience. Seeing that the MTV Movie Awards consist of mostly a young demographic, it’s the perfect platform for film studious to make their films widely known.

Rebel Wilson is, without a doubt, one of the best decisions in the award show’s history!


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