Want Justin Bieber To Come To Your School? Watch His Big Surprise Announcement Here! (Video)

Justin Bieber Graduates High School

Justin Bieber released a surprise for his fans today. The international pop star may be back together (kind of?) with girlfriend Selena Gomez (even if they’ve decided not to spend Christmas together), but that doesn’t stop millions of girls across the world from being totally, obsessively, unhealthily in love with him. Taking a leaf from Selena’s book, Justin is turning into a humanitarian, using his fame to promote education and using his flash mob of fangirls to fund important international programs. In a video announcement, he is seen speaking but cannot be heard because of screaming fans. You can unlock the full video by signing in with a Facebook account. Below is a transcription of his message.

“Thank you so much for giving me the chance to be heard and I’m going to give you the chance too. There’s an organization I really believe in called Pencils of Promise. They build schools all around the world who don’t have access to a quality education. So here’s the deal. With every $25 donation raised by the students of your school, you’ll educate another child and get the chance to win great prizes like ME coming to YOUR school. Once a day, there’s 61 million children who need your help, so join the movement of student for students and make your voice heard.”

We are so proud that he is using his fame to do something good for others. Unfortunately, lots of fans are willing to spend money on celebrity merchandise and concert tickets, but don’t put that money towards helping those whose standard of living is so below our own. Programs that help to educate are crucial to our future, so kudos to Justin for getting involved! Check out the silent video below, then go to whatdidjustinsay.com to unlock it and listen for yourself. Will you get involved?

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