Valentine’s Day Looks

Valentine's Day Looks

Valentine’s day is quickly approaching and frankly, I think it’s an adorable holiday. Looking past the mushy love behind the holiday I think it’s a fun one to dress up for! Too old to dress up for holiday’s, fine, how about some simple ideas just to spice up your wardrobe for the afternoon?

Panting a heart on your nails:
*After a few trail runs I found this to be the easiest way!
Start off with two different colors, I happen to have my nails already French manicured so I just did a very light pink base for the bottom color. Make sure your bottom coat is nice and dry prior to trying to paint on the heart. Find a darker color (I did a bright pink!) and dip a tooth pick into the color (you can also use a push pin or a needle if you find it easier). Slowly draw a small heart onto your nail and filling in the middle as you go. Once the heart is nice and dry apply a top coat to give it a nice shine!heartsonnails (500 x 598)

Heart hair accessories:
This can be done super simple or glam it up a bit for fun. Try taking some felt from your local craft store, simply cut two hearts (try a pink felt and a red felt!) and attach them with some hot glue to a headband or some barrettes. Try an offset look to sit just above the ear. Jazz them up a bit by finding some rhinestones to decorate them with! Our favorite combination was 3 small hearts, 1 red, 1 pink and 1 white. We then covered the white felt heart completely in rhinestones and just left the pink and red alone. It was an adorable look! If you want something a bit more dramatic try covering all 3 hearts in rhinestones or go for a full headband of small rhinestone hearts! Crochet is another easy craft project, try crocheting a few small hearts and using bobby pins to attach them to the top of a pony tail or bun! They wouldn’t take more than a few minutes to whip up and it adds a very natural feel to your accessories!

Clothing ideas:
If you’re going for something that isn’t so obvious try spicing up your outfit with a bit of red and pink for the day! Add a fun bright red scarf or perhaps some bold lip choices if you’re brave enough. You can even go with a cute pair of heart earrings or a simple heart necklace just to feel festive enough for only you to know! Try a fun pair of valentine’s day socks just to keep the trend up!

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