Five Great Intellectual Father’s Day Gifts

Five Great Intellectual Father's Day Gifts

If your father is an intellectual, he might enjoy more than a card and a dinner out. You can show your father that you love him and understand him with some intellectual gifts. A thinking man deserves a thinking man’s gift on this special day. Consider some of the intellectual Father’s Day gifts listed below.

  1. Archival Materials: Whether you buy an archival pen or archival notebooks, your father will appreciate the thought you put into his hobbies. People who are intellectual tend to do a lot of research. This research is best preserved using archival materials that won’t fade over time. The time you put into these gifts will not go unnoticed and you will be offering tools that will actually get some use.
  1. Subscriptions: Don’t overlook subscriptions as intellectual gifts. Journals provide interesting reading for those who seek to move forward with their current knowledge. Sometimes academic journals go unnoticed by those who are not into research. That means you will be showing the effort you put into the gift by seeking it out when others wouldn’t. Consider journals that he may not have heard of to make sure he doesn’t already have a subscription.
  1. Bookstore Gift Card: If you absolutely don’t know what to get your father, but you want to get him something intellectual, consider a bookstore gift card. Intellectuals never can have enough books and even if they did, there are other things in book stores aside from books. If you father, like most intellectuals, has a vast book collection you may not know what book to buy. A gift card allows him to choose his own reading material while still acknowledging that you understand his interests. You can even take things a step further and take a trip to the bookstore with him on Father’s Day.
  1. Netflix: Netflix may not seem to be the best gift for intellectuals, but it is actually a great choice. Netflix happens to have thousands of movies. This means your father will have access to documentaries that he may never have thought of before. Since each person can create a profile on Netflix, he will get suggestions that are created to meet his personal interests.
  1. Museum Day: If you want to spend Father’s Day with your father and you want to get him an intellectual gift, consider a trip to the museum. If it happens to be a museum that he really enjoys, buy him a pass for the year. Many cities offer passes for multiple museums for the year so your dad can get in free all year long. This means you get to offer a gift that keeps on giving until the next Father’s Day.

If you aren’t an intellectual yourself, you may have a hard time understanding the things your father may want. Consult someone that might have a better idea about what to get if you can. Just keep in mind that this is his day and you can do a lot to show your love for him by catering to his interests…even if they aren’t yours.


  1. says

    These are things I would enjoy. My husband however is a gamer, or anything with his sports team works for him too! Great categories!

  2. says

    We actually watch documentaries on Netflix ALL the time. My husband and I loved a documentary we saw on Netflix so much that we purchased it for both of our fathers this year for Father’s Day.

  3. Robin (Masshole Mommy) says

    I always get my hubby book store gift cards because he loves to read more than anyone I have ever met.

  4. says

    Netflix is an awesome Father’s Day gift idea. If my dad didn’t already have Netflix, that is what I would go with this year for sure. Instead, my dad will receive what I give him every other Father’s Day since I turned 21 — a case of his snobby beer he loves.

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