Nine Interesting Facts About ‘Pretty Little Liars’

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Are you a Pretty Little Liars fan? Do you think you know everything about the show? Well, see for yourself to discover what you did and did not know. Here are some interesting facts regarding Pretty Little Liars. #1 Ashley Tisdale was offered to audition for one of the roles but … [Read more...]

Making a Scrapbook for Mom


Are you struggling with a gift idea for mom on Mother’s Day? Why not make her a scrapbook, a gift from the heart. You may think that you need lots of money and lots of time to make a scrapbook, right? Nope. Making a scrapbook for your mom isn’t that hard and is rather … [Read more...]

Spring Beauty Essentials

Why Is It Bad to Sleep with Makeup On? - The Surprising Answers

So, the spring season is upon us at last. Did you just realize that your beauty products still scream winter? Well, have no fear because you will be ready for spring in no time. Here are your top spring beauty essentials. Sunscreen- If the sun is shining bright, you need to have … [Read more...]

Tips to Get Long and Healthy Nails

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Do you want beautiful long and healthy nails? Try these tips to accomplish just that. Nail File: Do you share your nail file? Well do not anymore. This is a total germ - trapper and can cause serious damage to your nails. Moisturize: Did you know that nails need to be hydrated … [Read more...]

Best Spring 2016 Makeup Trends

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Your makeup look will change from your winter look as spring approaches. It’s time for bright colors and beautiful new looks. Here are some of the best spring 2016 makeup trends. Candie Apple: Red lipstick is a classic, of course, red as a rose it’s the perfect color to start … [Read more...]