‘Need For Speed’ – Perfect Date Night Movie Now Open

NEED FOR SPEED feature image

Looking for something to do? How about packing up your friends and cruising over to see 'Need for Speed' tonight? The film takes a modern day spin on the great car-culture movies of the ’60s and ’70s. It's got honor, friendship, loyalty and the testosterone-fueled journey of one … [Read more...]

Sony Believes The Console War Between PS4 And Xbox One Will Reinvigorate The Industry


Jack Tretton who’s known for being Sony’s PlayStation America president has mentioned that the upcoming console war between both the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4, is going to be reinvigorating the gaming industry as we know it. Tretton went in more depth saying “This will be … [Read more...]

Grand Theft Auto V Brings Real Gangsters Into Voice Acting


Grand Theft Auto V is really pushing the levels of reality; not only with the hugely interactive world created but even the characters as well. In the game there are going to be different gang factions and they did something that most video-games have never had done before.  … [Read more...]

Xbox One: External Storage Won’t Be Supported Until Later On


With the release of the Xbox One coming pretty soon we’ve been getting more and more information on the upcoming Microsoft console, now we’ve found out that the Xbox One will not support external storage at launch; but don’t worry, we’ll be seeing it sometime later because it’s … [Read more...]

New Sims 3 Expansion Packs Due This Fall (VIDEO)


Sims 3 is coming out with a couple of expansion packs this Fall and they look kind of fun. Hopefully they’ll live up to our expectations. You know unlike the Sims 3 game did itself. There is the Movie Stuff Expansion Pack due out on September 13 and Into the Future expansion … [Read more...]