Taylor Swift Has Written Five Songs About Harry Styles

Poor Taylor Swift and her ex-beau, One Direction’s Harry Styles, recently broke up in the very public eye and although they’re still nursing their wounds post-break, Taylor has already written quite a few songs about her breakup. According to a source, Taylor has already written … [Read more...]

Watch Out Harry – Taylor Swift Is In Studio Recording Break-Up Song


Harry Styles seems like he's taking his break up with country sweetie Taylor Swift in stride. After she flew heartbroken out of the Virgin Islands after their breakup inducing epic screaming match, he stayed on to party. Photos splashed around showed him hanging out with ladies … [Read more...]

Did Harry Styles Dump Taylor Swift For Refusing Sex?

I know that you've heard it from teachers, family, and obnoxious TV show parents, but any partner who dumps you for not having sex isn't worth your time! I just never thought Taylor Swift, who seems like the queen of dating (if not the queen of finding love or the queen of happy … [Read more...]

Taylor Swift Admits Harry Styles Dumped Her On Twitter

It didn't take a psychic to predict that Harry Styles and Taylor Swift would break up eventually. Not only was Harry way younger than her, his schedule with One Direction would eventually undermine their time together! The web has been full of news and speculation about their … [Read more...]