Did Seth Meyers Shade Taylor Swift On Late Night Show?


I wonder if Seth Meyers was subtly shading Taylor Swift, when she went onto his show, Late Night. Because all I've been seeing of Taylor in the past few months is paparazzi shots of her either out and about, all dressed up, or going to the gym. Basically she's (from a gossip … [Read more...]

Taylor Swift Claims Her High School Pictures Were ‘Tragic’, Hints At Being Unpopular


Apparently, there was a time in our universe where Taylor Swift wasn't pretty or popular. Or at least, that's what Taylor claims. In a new interview with Teen Vogue, Taylor reveals that she wasn't always this put together. She claims, "My high school pictures are, like...tragic. … [Read more...]

Selena Gomez Feuding With Jenner Sisters And Justin Bieber – Taylor Swift Wants To Help Selena Won’t Accept Her Calls


Every girl needs a BFF, regardless of how famous they are.  Considering all of the headlines right now about Selena Gomez, she definitely needs a best-friend’s shoulder to cry on.  Apparently Selena and her on-again boyfriend Justin Beiber are off again, and she is waging an epic … [Read more...]

Taylor Swift Dumps Selena Gomez As Her Bestie In Wake of Bieber-Gate


According to sources, talking exclusively to US Weekly, Taylor Swift has cut the cord of friendship between herself and her near sister, Selena Gomez---just after Selena Gomez reunited with with her on again boyfriend, Justin Bieber. US Weekly reports that Taylor hates that … [Read more...]

Harry Styles And Taylor Swift To Have Awkward Reunion At Teen Choice Awards

Taylor Swift & Harry Styles Have Split!***FILE PHOTOS****

It’s been almost a year since Harry Styles and Taylor Swift began their romance, but the duo hasn’t come face to face with each other since their contentious split. Is that reunion bound to finally happen at the Teen Choice Awards? Taylor and Harry aren’t really on the best of … [Read more...]