Annemarie LeBlanc – Annemarie is a Mom whose daughter (Robyn) has left the nest and now she is traveling the world experiencing everything the world has to offer. You can find her sipping Martinis in some of the most exotics locations in the world, having a beer at her local pub or canoeing on a beautiful lake in the Adirondacks.

Cara Harrington – Cara is the jack of all trades. She started in fashion, but found her true passion in writing. After mixing the two into a fabulous cocktail of freelance writing about all things style, she started a family. Her 3 kids keep her Prada pumps moving as they explore the world one adventure at a time.

Caryn Doti Chavez – has been writing for years. She has two published children’s books, and has authored everything from poetry to personnel manuals. She has quite a bit on her plate, but has always enjoyed and made time for catching up on celeb gossip in the free time she has. With her love of reading celeb news and her passion for writing, this is her dream role! She can usually be found at home with her family (her husband, daughter, four chihuahuas, a cat, and two hamsters!) or at a Barnes and Noble. A true night owl…she lives on strong coffee!

Emily – I am a fashionable tween that has been designing since I was two. I love fashion because it brings out the best in me every single day. My favorite things to do are shopping, designing, going to the movies, and texting. I love the X Facter, Married To Jonas, Project Runway and especially So You Think You Can Dance.

Esmie Winterson is a high-school student in her last year.  She is currently living in Toronto with her family and exploring her more creative side.  Esmie constantly surfs the internet while watching tv, doing homework, eating dinner, etc. Always on the lookout for cool things to share on Celeb Teen Laundry!

Carrie Sommer AKA Carrie Bradshaw hails from the sunshine state Florida.  She is a huge Sex and The City Fan and has watched the show and the movies so many times she knows them by memory.  She loves fashion and agrees with Carrie ‘The only thing I’ve ever successfully made in the kitchen is a mess. And several small fires.’ 

Virgilia Coriolanus lives in the most godforsaken city and state–South Range, Michigan, with her two parents, four siblings, a farty mini English Bulldog, a cat that likes to fight other cats and chase poor, helpless birds, and her little sister’s two stinky, ugly rabbits (aptly named Ugly and Fugly by yours truly). She wishes she were down south somewhere (Tennessee or Texas), and not still stuck in the snow. She enjoys the reading and writing of gossip, as well as novels and fanfictions. Looks like she’s in the right place.